I have been published!

Well… I am so excited to have had a quilt design accepted by the lovely Quilt Now Magazine .


A few years ago I took my No2 daughter for an afternoon out at the beautiful Scotland Street School . It was designed by the famous Glasgow Architect Charles Rennie MacIntosh (Glasgow School of Art fame) and is a really lovely building to wander around. I am old enough to recall old wooden desks at primary school with the hole that the ink well would have sat in – although in my day “pop-a-points” were the thing!

The class rooms within the museum reflect different eras in education and are a popular visitor centre for children at primary schools today. I remember going, and my own children have visited. All of us experiencing the Victorian re-enactment with the school master/mistress, the slate boards and the smocks to be work over clothes. The high windows and the very strict teacher are quite scary when you are 7 or 8 years old.

In the Victorian class room there is an old fashioned “black board” or chalk board which is lined and where hand-writing is shown and it struck me how nice it would be to make a quilt that echoed this. When I was a primary pupil, we wrote in our hand-writing jotters (a lovely Scottish name for a school book), and I sat and looked at this board and thought about what to have written on the “Jotter Quilt”. Well it couldn’t be the 100 lines as punishment that a naughty child would be forced to write, but instead a lovely message from a quilter to the recipient of this quilt…

Jotter Quilt by Paula Hope

In the end I decided to go with the alphabet and then all the letters are given, within that, the quilter can decide for themselves – and hopefully some quilters will have a go. It has ben beautifully quilted by my friend Mairi of Lismore Quilting .

Along with the Jotter Quilt I made 5 gold star cushions. They are small and are a lovely group to lie on or throw about. I am going to upload this a free pattern here – imminently – as soon as my updated Adobe allows me to! Bear with me, and I apologise if you have come here to get it. It will appear as soon as I am able. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read

EDIT*… here’s the Star Cushion..

Gold Star Cushions