Workshops In Glasgow

Plans are afoot and finally I’m going to try and make a point of using this blog (have I said that before?!). It is difficult I think when it isn’t a part of the usual working week to remember to sit down and do it but I’m going to try… otherwise what’s the point of having it.

Before the summer this year I saw that Remnant Kings in Glasgow were looking for a way of introducing “Craft” classes back in the store. So I contacted them and began a beginners class in patchwork which was great and as usual a joy. In actual fact I ended up getting a little bit of a job working there one day a week which I didn’t initially plan but it is great fun, and since my children are less “children” now and busy being students and Mr H has his busy schedule then why not! It’s actually the first job I have done where I am not lugging large bags and suitcases to and from – that is nice! So in amongst my patchwork classes that I have been doing for more than 15 years (!!) I am slotting in workshops and classes at Remnant Kings and an amazing project with the Glasgow Sikh Community (more to come on that another time!)

Why are there only 7 days in a week? I think we need 8, an extra weekend day maybe as so many people have an interest in learning patchwork or embroidery or other such things and have difficulty slotting it into their working weeks, family commitments, etc.. me too. There are only so many evening classes that can be done, there are only so many weekend classes and that’s frustrating. So small steps and all that. Hopefully a little seed will grow and Remnant Kings will be known for interesting workshops and fun sewing days – not just with me – there are other lovely classes there for anyone interested, you should get in touch with them. IMG_3821.JPG


My mother made clothes and stitched and I always remember the sound of the scissors on her 1962 McIntosh dining table cutting out patterns. App she made a lovely two piece when I was four or five and had it lying out on said table - and I can actually remember trying to cut with the heavy scissors - mum’s memory is that I cut into the finished two piece.. ruined it 😱 all I can recall is that it took two hands to hold the scissors and the frustration of not cutting a straight line like she did. True story. It was the seed tho. My dad made stuff too, he was an architect and forever sketching and building things in the garage - no way to escape it. It poured micro-gro onto the seed and that’s the once upon a time.. it’s my peaceful thing and I get paid for it in money, friendship and an ability to make.

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