D0367309-43B3-428F-873F-5A30A0C9F456.jpegI forget about this blog or rather I think I put it to the side and think “I’ll do that later” and it doesn’t get done.. no excuses I’m typing this out on my phone cos I’m away from home at the moment. So I feel like I’m typing in the smallest typewriter with huge sausage fingers.

Tomorrow we start getting sorted to head home. Maybe it’s my age but I’m fine with that, I love holidays and being away from things needing doing. I have WiFi where I am so I can still peruse my favs like IG but it also means I can get emails and then I feel guilty because I’m not replying… so I send an “ok but I’m on holiday until..” and then the person I’m replying to feels bad, then I feel bad for making them feel bad 🤣🤪 what the heck!

So we came to France, three of us this time. Left the fourth at home keeping the little dog company. Little dog had an op before we left but she’s very much a home body so she wouldn’t have enjoyed being abandoned to kennels no matter how comfy they would have been.


We returned to the Loire area for the first time in 15years!! So I have made my daughter pose next to things that we have her standing beside from all those years ago… 15 years! We have been to different parts of France in intervening holidays.


…and we will drive home with Mr H listening to the same conversation “we could have a little house in France” he listens (half I think) and humours me along. But – in recent conversations it has become a bit more possible. This is a lovely area we are in, not too hot because although he is dark and absorbs the sun in an hour when it takes the rest of us a week to colour a little he doesn’t like it too hot. We have been driving around and there are airports and trains, there is a fast train to Paris – we did it with small girls. Got into a panic back then when our estate car with roof box wouldn’t fit under the car parks height restriction. Two car seats in the back meant for a super fast dismantling and then Mr H driving around trying to find the last space in the carpark 😂😂 we laugh now but at the time.. me with two small children, the tickets and no sign of him and the train pulling in was slightly testing. Soooo many incidents we had!! But we kept going back – with the question “what dyu think will happen this time?”

Lets hope nothing before we get back to uk soil!

Last year we were the last people on to the ferry – our three hour contigency was lost in roadworks and detours 😳


New Classes


As it turns out it will be 10 years this year that I have been doing the job that I do, which is teaching patchwork at a college. It has changed greatly over the years and the number of classes have diminished. Sadly this is due to funding, and it pays little to no attention to the quality of social interaction and sharing that classes like these offer… it is the modern way – money matters. In the end it meant that I was around for important events for my children and that worked out pretty well because they are both now on paths that they have chosen and worked hard for.

So this started me thinking.. ok lets try a few things for me then. So I tried a couple of things and they worked – and at some point I can reveal what these are – but for now I just keep trying things. One of them was setting up classes in a city centre fabric store. The first class kicks off on Monday and I am very excited about it. Also excitingly I was asked if would consider working in the shop! Well… getting paid to touch fabric, why not. So I start that this week, and I am really looking forward to that. I’ve already purchased 3 and a half metres and I haven’t started!

To advertise the fact that patchwork classes are going to start I have been sewing in the store. A woman approached me one of the days and asked me  about what I do. She was extremely interested and explained to me a project she is fronting and we chatted. We met up this week at the Glasgow Gurdwara Sikh Temple, and she and I have agreed to work together on her wonderful project. It will be a community “Tapestry” – well banner really – where they wish to celebrate 550 years of Guru Nanak. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that the “Banner” will possibly hang in the Museum of Scotland or be hung at the Scottish Parliament as is quite a big deal… I’m just going to focus on bringing the celebration of Guru Nanak and Scotland together and how the local community will help bring such a wonderful project together – so watch this space, we have until November 2019.


Then I got an email this week saying the college that I work for are trying to bring back daytime classes that are community based, which is great, so I put up my hand saying “count me in”… are there more than 7 days in a week?? In truth this offers people more than a sewing class and more than making skills, there can be such a wonderful social environment which is confidence building and offers many people who maybe don’t get out, a chance to build friendships and that can only be a good thing. So fingers crossed this is something that will grow arms sooner rather than later.

(..and i’m going to try and get my act together and write this blog more often!!)