I am not someone who ever makes a New Year resolution or if I have thought of one – I don’t think I have ever stuck to it, so I think at some point I decided to forget about them. I might think to myself “walk more” but I do that anyway.

So January… a new month, the beginning of my youngest daughters last few months at school. I laughingly pointed out an email from ‘M&S’ about school uniforms knowing that I do not never ever EVER have to purchase school uniforms ever again! And I don’t feel sad or melancholic about it.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter. She’s going to be an architect, she started talking about it some years ago and we nodded smiling and always said keep your options open, you might change your mind, but she hasn’t and she’s sitting with several unconditional offers for university places so happily she can decide for herself… this is a lovely feeling as a parent, A – that your child has thoughts for their future and B – that they manage to get there.

So I am hoping for wonderful things this year. Quietly for myself also but I keep these things to myself.

I will hopefully complete my Christmas reindeer quilt which I failed to finish for my bed before Christmas. Flu struck me and so I was instead of sewing, laid up for days in bed. I was disappointed but Christmas comes around again in 12 months so it will get plenty of use next December 🤗

It is enormous and hangs well over the sides of our bed. I have been making it as a quilt as you go due to its size. It is still tricky to attach the pieces but do-able just the same… and far easier than putting the entire quilt though a machine. It is also in my favourite red and white. So many things in the nearly complete pile…



My mother made clothes and stitched and I always remember the sound of the scissors on her 1962 McIntosh dining table cutting out patterns. App she made a lovely two piece when I was four or five and had it lying out on said table - and I can actually remember trying to cut with the heavy scissors - mum’s memory is that I cut into the finished two piece.. ruined it 😱 all I can recall is that it took two hands to hold the scissors and the frustration of not cutting a straight line like she did. True story. It was the seed tho. My dad made stuff too, he was an architect and forever sketching and building things in the garage - no way to escape it. It poured micro-gro onto the seed and that’s the once upon a time.. it’s my peaceful thing and I get paid for it in money, friendship and an ability to make.

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