First blog post

Version 2

Once upon a time a long time ago I wrote a blog. Then I stopped, the end. Today I jumped in with both feet and decided – finally – to productively begin again. So bear with, I am going to try my best to keep up with this, after all… what could go wrong. I love to flick about Instagram and so I will endeavour to link the two and take note of how I wile away the hours.

I stitch, I sew, I teach. I am the ideas man (woman), my students bring in fabrics, unfinished projects, and my Creative Tourettes takes over and before we know it, there is a sketch on a piece of paper with cutting sizes and off they go. How I wish over the years, that I took pictures of all the projects because it’s impossible to remember them all – and some were pretty good. Really lovely bespoke one offs that I have given away and not recorded.  So the bottom line is that I have decided to try and put a book together. In truth, more than one book, but one at a time. That’s not actually true, I am working on more than one but it’s working for me just now. I am finding as I design and plan the various projects, that it is best to include thinking time. Therefore stopping a Christmas project to think “what next?” and pick up a child’s quilt idea gives me moments in between the process to enjoy and think. The determination will be to finish!! So that is my plan, at my pace, and the way I want it. I hope I can and I hope I do.